German and Spanish 

for Adults

Online and Face-to-Face classes

I believe that languages are to be learned for life,

 to truly communicate in real situations

Maybe you would like to study abroad in a Spanish speaking country or open up professional opportunities because you speak Spanish?

Or perhaps you would like to learn a new language because you finally have time for it..

Or you might want to travel and be able to communicate without problems in typical situations, like in airports, train stations, museums, restaurants, hotels or simply ask for directions.

Or maybe you are frustrated because you´ve been trying for a long time to learn Spanish and you haven´t found a method that truly works for you.

  You probably feel lonely because you´re in a foreign country and you can´t talk to local people in everyday situations.

Did you know ….

… that learning a foreign language has many cognitive and practical benefits?

For instance:

  1.   It improves our memory
  2.   It delays the onset of dementia and Alzheimer
  3.   It increases our brain mass
  4.   It makes us understand and appreciate our mother language
  5.   It promotes personal independence
  6.   It Improves our job prospects


The best part is that it makes you feel good about yourself. You get a priceless sense of achievement.

Hi, I´m Jimena

I am a teacher of Spanish and German as foreign languages, trained by the Cervantes Institute and Goethe Institute.

I can help you learn these languages:

  • According to your needs
  • At your own speed
  • According to your learning style

My goal is that you can speak them in real life, not only in the classroom or just to pass an exam.

Online or Face -to -Face (Alcobendas)


Levels A1 and A2

Preparation for the Goethe Institut exams



Classes all levels.
Preparation for officials exams.

Why German?

  • To find that economic and professional stability that you cannot find here
  • Because your company is relocating you and your family to Germany, Austria, or Switzerland
  • To be an Au Pair in a German-speaking country
  • Because you have always liked it and you finally have the time to learn it
  • To be able to speak with your family that live in those countries: your grandkids, your daughter or son-in-law, your in-laws…

Why Spanish?

  • Because you live in Spain and need to talk to people and understand basic stuff
  • Because you already live in Spain and you still cannot communicate with the ease you would like to
  • Because your company is transferring you and your family to Spain
  • Because you need to be able to talk to other moms in school, the doctor, the extracurricular teachers… you name it

All courses include:

  1. Learning style analysis 
  2. Level test 
  3. Correction of homework 
  4. Goal-oriented lesson planning

Practice Spanish every day with these easy-to-follow and simple tips

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